Ingenious kitchen and household aids

Genius products aren’t just pure genius, they also offer great value for money, quality, time and cost savings, freshness and health. Regular new developments and product optimizations provide Genius customers with a comprehensive range of products which reflects state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing expertise. At the same time, every Genius partner can be assured of a long-term and lucrative partnership.

Pure genius for the kitchen – Genius cutting implements

Genius cutting implements

Genius cutting implements have proven their value a million times over. They are practical, high quality, easy to use and easy to clean. These are qualities that certainly apply to the innovative “Salad Chef”, the now legendary “Nicer Dicer” onion and vegetable cutter and the versatile “Snap N Slice”.

You only need to use these ingenious aids once and you’ll never want to be without them again. Here is a selection of Genius cutting implements:

More fun and enjoyment of cooking

More fun and enjoyment of cooking

The practical and clever Genius kitchen aids are useful products that simplify and speed up the process of meal preparation.

Genius products such as the energy-saving Frying Pan Lid, for gentle frying and braising, the novel Defrosting Plate that makes defrosting foods easier, faster and more healthy, are appreciated by gourmet chefs and amateur cooks alike.

Simple and natural conservation – just like the professionals

Vakuumieren mit Genius

Genius products keep food fresh for longer without impairing its quality. Our comprehensive range of vacuum sealing devices and accessories unite freshness and quality. We developed all the products in this range ourselves and they are available in different sizes and shapes for all kinds of applications:

The articles in this range can vacuum seal practically all foods to extend their shelf life.